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Open Tues – Sat 7am to 4pm

Come and enjoy a perfect cup of Coffee

What we brew…


The finest quality small batch dark roast 100 percent (no blends) arabica coffee beans. Sorced locally from a Single Estate in moutain ranges of the Island of Luzon  Philippines.

Best Coffee in Davao, wait till you smell it.


Matcha is whole green tea leaf ground into an extremely fine powder.  You consume the whole leaf which gives huge nutritional benefits. Matcha has up to 10 X the antioxidants of steeped green tea.  Matcha is packed with polyphenols and EGCG molecules. Its great weight loss aid and alternative to coffee. Our founder has personally sourced matcha from Japan and China.


KETO OR Ketogenic coffee is our dark roasted arabica coffee mixed with highest-quality New ZealaGrass-fed butter and our personally sourced Philippines MCT oil. Versions of the Keto coffee are sometimes call bulletproof coffee. Great for keeping the body in Ketosis, even better cognitive boost makes your brain go BOOM!


KETO OR Ketogenic Matcha is our personally sourced Matcha (whole green tea leaf ground into an extremely fine powder.) We add New Zealand Grass-fed butter and Philippines MCT (medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil and blend until rich and creamy.  This supercharges the matcha. Creating antioxidant-rich superfood drink with some powerful cognitive benefits, Great for keeping the body in Ketosis and it makes your brain go BOOM!


We take The finest quality Single Estate dark roast arabica Philippines coffee beans. We grind and cold brew for a minimum of 20 hours.   The cold brew process gives a smooth less acidic coffee the is refreshing. Not for the faint of heart, our cold brew is strong full of flavor great for coffee lovers and foodies


Our Kombucha is brewed in-store, We take organic Black or Green tea mixed with organic cane sugar.  We then add or our “S.C.O.B.Y”  (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)  We then ferment for seven to fourteen days.  To create tangy/ sour slightly carbonated probiotic powers house drink.  Full of b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics. Great for improving your gut and your overall heath.

Davao Biohacking pouring
Davao Biohacking Coffee Bag

In our house we have

  • Premium hand selected philipines coffee beans
  • Best Range of Matcha Japanese Chinese, Organic
  • Personally Sourced Small effective range of Extarcts, oils and Supplements
  • Ketogentic, Organic, Paleo Primal Information
  • Great Customer Service
Davao Biohacking Coffee POURING
Davao Biohacking Coffee Bag

The origin of our coffee beans

Our Founder spent over a month buying and testing coffee from all over the Philipines.  

We wanted a coffee that was pure not a BLEND.   So we focused only on sampling the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. 

Finally, we found 100%  arabica beans from a single Estate in the  Mountains of Luzon.  We get small batches dark roasted.  

Our aim is for customers to get the same great cup of coffee at home as they would in our shop.

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Cozy, personal and high-quality products


offers healthier drinks… a big help for healthy living:-D great!


Good coffee and good food! Check it out.


Healthy coffee.


healthy coffee with sweet aroma 🙂 great taste for coffee lovers 🙂


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